Shelley anderson



District Heights, MD


Shelley Anderson is an artist who enjoys using bold colors, shapes and patterns in her work. She paints mostly abstract images on glassware and on canvas.

“I hate staying in the lines. I hate flat work. I love texture! Texture gives pictures movement and character.”

 Shelley says her art is all about experimentation. She uses a variety of materials to create the unique feel of her pieces: acrylic paint, tissue paper, glass beads, casting resin, and high gloss finishes.

“Your imagination can take you anywhere. You never know what will come from one idea.
 Often, an idea will come to me in the middle of the night. I’ll wake up, go into my home studio and start experimenting.”   

 Shelley is a self-taught artisan and has been making art for 15 years. She greatly enjoys creating things  with her hands. She got her start with glassware, making personal and unique pieces as gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

 “I enjoy painting. It always gives me a sense of calm, and the love I have for my art shows through my creations.”

 Shelley has taken classes at the Art League in Arlington, VA to further develop her skills and techniques. For years, she has shown and sold her work at flea markets and Artomatic shows.

“It gives me pleasure to have my work viewed by the public. The opportunity to have discussions with people about my work, and about art in general.”  


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