Sandra Fretwell


Montgomery County, MD


 Sandra Fretwell is a painter who enjoys creating a variety of styles of art including conceptual, landscape, still life, and portraits.

 To construct her three dimensional pieces, Sandra mixes acrylic paint with layers of materials such as marble dust and molding paste. She also paints using watercolors and oils.

“I love creating not only color expressions but also dimension in my work. I believe that paintings can be 3D."

Sandra has been a painter for 25 years. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, and has received personal instruction from a spiritual expression artist and acclaimed portrait artist Antonia Krauss. She believes that, “art can say things that you really can’t put into words.”

 “There has always been a yearning inside of me to create and to express my innermost thoughts through painting.”

 Sandra finds creative inspiration from the world around her and her experiences in it. She credits her amazing husband, family and friends for their support and encouragement. She especially draws inspiration from nature, city landscapes and the events in news.

 Over the years she has learned that, 

“in art, there are no mistakes, just more layers of paint!”

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