Kathy Small


Delaware County, PA


Kathleen “Kathy” Small is a painter who loves to create images that evoke emotion. She constructs canvas, wall art, and desk art using oil and acrylic paints. Kathy is a self-taught artist and owner of Small Xpressions Art Studio.

“I use different brushes and brush strokes organically to convey texture and depth.”

Kathy has shown and sold her work at many venues including: the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, women empowerment seminars, fashion shows, comedy shows, and street festivals. She has also donated her pieces to raise money for causes she supports such as the Alzheimer’s Association and Christian associations.

As an oncology nurse and mother of five, Kathy draws inspiration for her designs from the emotional impressions life leaves through the beauty and the pain. She incorporates images from her culture and the music she enjoys. Kathy relishes the subjectivity of art, believing the saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“What creates sadness for one may evoke joy in another. I want to provide a forum where people can openly express themselves.”

Kathy finds joy in helping others learn painting techniques and exploring their artistic voice, as she has done. For nearly two years, she has provided paint sessions for entertainment, guiding groups through step-by-step brush strokes on canvas. She calls it Small Xpressions Mobile Paint Parties. Kathy aspires to open her own standalone gallery to showcase her work and the work of others, offering a forum for up-and-coming artists.

“After raising my children, I have committed myself to nurturing my creative side and getting back into my passion!”  


To order CUSTOM art contact Kathleen S. at info@dmag.space