Julia Levine


Skincare & Home Décor Artisan

Prince George's County, MD

Julia Levine creates handmade soaps, aromatherapy products, skincare items, and home décor pieces.

Julia has sold her products online, and in the D.C., Annapolis, and Baltimore areas at farmers markets, and community markets and festivals.

She started experimenting with ingredients used to make soaps several years ago. Now, her line of products continues to grow. She’s able to create or customize products based on feedback and requests received from customers and friends. 

“I’ve always been a maker. The idea of starting with nothing or something broken, raw or boring and ending up with something pretty, useful, or both, has always attracted me.”

Julia is the owner and operator of Tigersoap, a company focused on using real and simple ingredients. The idea to start creating her own products started with Julia looking at items and thinking, 

“I could do that, or I can improve on this.”

To order CUSTOM art contact JULIA L. at info@dmag.space