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Art Therapy

“For the times to come
And of meeting what must be met
All of our people
Must be taught to walk along
The path of sincerity”

Tatiana is a Reiki Master Practitioner, a teacher of Reiki, Art-Coach, Art-Therapist, and a traveler.

She is a life-long meditator and a facilitator of group meditations in various technics.

Growing up being a dancer surrounded by many talented people she was always drawn to the atmosphere of art and creativity. Amazed by the gifts of others, she questioned about gifts she had, why she had them, and how to apply them in life. Reading tons of books and trying different techniques brought her to the realization that each person is so unique that no one can really tell what treasures are hidden inside of one another. Only that person, himself or herself, by genuine search and self-exploration can find it. Genuine questions always bring true answers. That’s how Tatiana discovered meditation and Art-therapy for her own self-exploration and later became a certified Art-Therapist and Coach.  Meditative state of art-therapy is one of the greatest ways of self-exploration. It helps to reveal the subconscious mind and see the true desires of a person, as well as hidden potentialities. Art-therapy also works with activating all the senses, which gives vibrancy to life. If Art-Therapy works great for exploration, Art-Coaching works for achieving the results once a desire or gift is discovered. Each Art-Therapy session is a unique experience with many realizations to come days, weeks, sometimes months later but always takes a person to a better state of life.

Since 2012 Tatiana has been organizing and conducting educational events on spirituality and art such as: Conversational clubs, seminars, work-shops, retreats, meditation and art-therapy classes.


Sign up by clicking the link below. Classes are $40, pay on day of class, cash or credit.

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