god's VISION

Confirmation for this Artisan Gallery was given to owner and founder Theresa Harvey.

"I hear the cries of my children for they know not who they are. For I have made you perfect in every way.
For you are made in my likeness and image. For I know every hair on your head.
For I have known you before the foundation of the world. For you are the apple of my eye.
Every gift and talent is from me for just a time as this. You are my precious children."

meet our staff

Theresa Harvey, owner

A lifelong artisan and entrepreneur, Theresa designs, sews and sells her one-of-a-kind creations. Throne Room Garments of Praise and Walking Billboards are her clothing brands available exclusively through Dream Makers. 

Throne Room Garments of Praise features dance garments and accessories. Walking Billboards creates custom vinyl prints, banners and T-shirt designs.  

Theresa is from a family of entrepreneurs and knows what it takes to make a business successful: dedication, hard work and passion. She is the co-owner of God's Connection Transition, Inc., a nonprofit organization established in 2007 that assists people facing food insecurity and people experiencing homelessness.

Theresa was the co-owner of Holy Ground Christian Center, a successful childcare center, for 13 years.

nadejha jules, co-owner

Nadejha is a student at Montgomery College working towards a degree in business management. She uses her distinctive out-of-the-box and innovative thinking to create interesting and effective social media content. 

She has the ability to capture a vision and creatively bring it to life. She has volunteered on performing arts productions both behind the scenes and as a part of the cast. Nadejha uses her impromptu thinking and interest in the arts to contribute to the success of other artisans.


AMELIA ROSS, marketing manager

A marketing and communications professional with a Bachelor’s in Communication from University of Maryland, College Park.

Amelia has worked in the nonprofit industry, in music and in the arts.

She is highly experienced in the latest design programs from Adobe Creative Suite CC. As a jack-of-all-trades, she integrates her talents of design, film, social media and professional writing for modern marketing and promotions.


Angela harvey, communication manager

A communication and writing professional with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park.

As an operations manager, Angela led fundraising, marketing, communication, and social media campaigns.

A professional writer, Angela has worked as a journalist, grant writer and website content writer. Her experience also includes TV production and photojournalism.